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Welcome Educators! We have great news for you:

We have partnered with teachers just like you to plan tours for your students! Our focus is on meeting certain requirements of the National Common Core Standards and the Georgia Performance Standards.

You can plan to bring your students to the museum for an interactive guided tour, or you can encounter a Tubman Museum experience from your classroom by linking onto our Distance Learning Program.

Our school visits include handcrafted educational outreach workshops that will cater to the needs of your institution ranging from art to diversity and character building.

Students can be guaranteed a fun filled field trip at the Tubman! The field trip will include trip around the museum with a knowledgeable tour guide and a video. Be sure to make use of our added-value services which include an art or craft workshop.

The Tubman African American Museum seeks to align with community organizations, businesses, and institutions of learning through our education programs and services. The mission of the Tubman Museum is to educate people about African American art, history and culture and to promote harmony among all races. In order to fulfill that mission we realize that we must not be bound by the walls of our building. But rather, we must place a focus on outreach into our community and bring the museum resources to them.

We are addressing the most serious issues within our educational system facing both Georgia and the nation. Uniquely positioned as both accessible and acceptable, the museum serves as a safe and non-threatening method of delivering needed information and instruction on a myriad of topics to a critical segment of our population.