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National Attention Drawn to Tubman

Tubman Museum’s program profiled by the Institutie of Museum and Library Services.  Read more…

Tubman Museum recieves national mention in the New York Times.  Read more…


Macon City Council Talks SPLOST 

July 26, 2011

Macon City Council met  Tuesday to discuss items on the upcoming SPLOST.  The Tubman Museum may or may not be a part of the SPLOST.  If added, we could complete the new building. Click here to read more from the Macon Telegraph.

Tubman Museum Most Popular Subject at SPLOST Hearings
July 26, 2011 
This spring, the Macon Mayor Robert Reichert and Bibb County Board of Commissioners joined forces and hit the streets to find out the concerns of the public.  The Tubman Museum ranked the highest priority among listening session attendees. Click here to find out more from 13WMAZ.




New Exhibition Riffing on the Real:  Afro-futurism in the Arts 


 This very special exhibition opens at the Tubman museum on July 22, 2011. The subject of this exhibition is the concept of Afro-futurism. This term refers to the exploration of a range of ideas and themes available in traditional and contemporary black cultures, melded with concepts and motifs commonly found in the various forms of fantastic fiction, including science fiction, horror, alternative history, utopian/dystopian fiction and magic realism.  Read more… 

Take a Sneak Peek inside the new Tubman African American Museum

 13WMAZ takes you on a tour of the new museum. Click here to view the story. 


What Makes the Tubman Museum Unique

Executive Director Andy Ambrose tells 13WMAZ just what makes the Tubman a unique find. Read more.