Lonzy Edwards to sign book at Tubman.

The Tubman Museum is proud to announce an evening with Lonzy Edwards, on Thursday, September 18th at 7pm. Edwards is an attorney, pastor, and former local elected official in Bibb County, and he has published a new book entitled, Teams of Citizen Athletes: Winning by Modeling Civic Virtues and Rejecting the Values of Sports Kingdoms. According to Edwards, “the purpose of the book is to show athletes, parents, teachers, and coaches that the key to success in sports and life is a thorough grounding in the values and virtues that helped previous generations excel and achieve their goals”.

A lifelong sports enthusiast, Edwards contends that schools and families can greatly reduce the likelihood that athletes will embarrass themselves, their schools, or their families if they understand and practice the virtues required of citizens. His book is designed to help coaches, parents, and teachers develop what he calls citizen athletes.

Edwards will be on hand Thursday night to sign copies of his book.