Local History

The Museum collects and exhibits historical artifacts and works of art that are primarily of significance to the history of African Americans in Macon and the state of Georgia.  This includes materials having to do with the lives of such prominent 19th and 20th century African Americans as Ellen and William Craft, Jefferson Franklin Long and Sergeant Rodney M. Davis among others.

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Samples from the Tubman Museum’s Local History Collection:

 PA130021225  PA225130019
Title: Spirit Jug
Origin: Unknown Maker
Date: c. 1920s
Medium: Mixed Media on Clay Jug
Title: Plantation Markers
Medium: Clay
 PA225130001  PA225130013
Title: Rocking Chair
Origin: Owned by Jefferson Franklin Long
Date: c. 1869
Medium: Wood, Leather
Title: Drinking Fountain
Origin: Unknown Maker
Date: No Date (Jim Crow Era)
Medium: Porcelain, Metal