Tubman Museum Unveils Exhibit on Macon’s African American History

The Tubman Museum in Macon, Georgia, recently introduced “Untold Stories: Macon’s African American History,” an exhibit developed in partnership with the Historic Macon Foundation. This exhibit highlights the pivotal contributions of African Americans to the local community. By bringing to light the roles of influential individuals and locations, it enriches visitors’ understanding of Macon’s rich cultural tapestry.

Collaborative Efforts for Historical Preservation

The collaboration between the Tubman Museum and the Historic Macon Foundation is a significant step in preserving African American history. This partnership focuses on bringing untold stories to the forefront, enhancing the educational and cultural connection within the community. The involvement of the Historic Macon Foundation as the presenting sponsor highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in historical preservation.

Educational and Cultural Insights

“Untold Stories” serves as an educational tool, encouraging visitors to delve deeper into the African American experience in Macon through primary sources and artifacts. This initiative supports the Tubman Museum’s mission to educate the public about African American art, history, and culture, positioning it as a crucial cultural resource in the Southeast.

Additional Notable Exhibits

Beyond “Untold Stories,” the museum features other significant exhibits, such as the “From Africa to America” mural and “The Enslaved People Project,” which provide further insights into African American heritage.

Highlighting Notable Figures and Contributions

The exhibit showcases influential figures like Ellen and William Craft and Jefferson Franklin Long, among others. It also highlights local artists and the civil rights movement through powerful photographic works, emphasizing the diverse roles African Americans have played in shaping Macon’s history.

Supporting Black Entrepreneurship

Despite African Americans making up half of Macon’s population, they represent a smaller proportion of business owners. Initiatives like the Downtown Diversity Initiative are crucial in supporting Black entrepreneurs, aiming to foster a more inclusive and diverse business environment.

Macon’s Civil Rights Legacy

The peaceful nature of Macon’s civil rights movement, marked by strategic negotiation and local leadership, played a critical role in achieving integration and progress in the community.

Advancements in Medical and Business Fields

Macon’s medical sector boasts an increasing number of African American professionals, with trailblazers like Dr. Patrice Walker making significant strides in healthcare leadership. Additionally, the resurgence of Black entrepreneurs, supported by local initiatives, is vital for community development.


The “Untold Stories: Macon’s African American History” exhibit at the Tubman Museum is a profound testament to the enduring spirit and contributions of the African American community in Macon. It not only educates and enlightens visitors but also serves as a beacon for ongoing efforts to acknowledge and celebrate African American heritage in the broader context of American history. This exhibit ensures that the narratives of African Americans in Macon are remembered and honored, continuing to inspire future generations.