Arts & History Outreach

The mission of the Tubman Museum is to educate people about African American art, history and culture and to promote harmony among all races. In order to fulfill that mission we realize that we must not be bound by the walls of our building. But rather, we must place a focus on outreach into our community and bring the museum resources to you. 

As a result, our Arts & History Outreach Program was designed to reach out to the community by offering:


 Outreach Teacher Program 


In an effort to bring the museum to the classroom, the Tubman Museum offers an Outreach Teacher Program. For a fee of $70 per hour, with a two-hour minimum, the museum will provide an Outreach Teacher to come to your classroom or after-school program.


Our Outreach Teachers can teach on subjects such as history, art, social studies, language arts and science.  The Outreach Teacher has a subject-based curriculum that not only uses the museum’s offerings as the foundation but a curriculum that is also based on the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS).


Available Outreach Teachers:

James Caldwell, Language Arts & History Outreach Teacher

James holds a B.S. and an M.Ed degree in History and French. While he has retired from Central High School, he continues to teach part time. His greatest accolade in teaching has been exposing his students to the world of culture and travel.


Wini McQueen, Arts & History Outreach Teacher

Wini is known for her dyer’s art-painting, stamping and resist patterning textiles for clothing.  In addition, Wini has a passion for recording stories from the African Diaspora through interviews, sound recordings and photographs. When both the interest in dyer’s art-painting and recording stories merged, the results were hand dyed pieced works with quilt-like qualities which she calls “urban kente”. Wini spent the last five years crafting textiles about the written word from the African Diaspora that will cover the two story rotunda walls of Macon’s soon-to-open Tubman African America Museum.  Her experience as an educator include residencies in Georgia, Williamstown, Massachusetts and Cincinnati, Ohio where she co-designed a unit featuring the art of 19th century landscape artist Robert Duncanson with Taft Museum staff for local seventh graders and in Cote d’Ivoire West Africa where she served as mediator in the exchange of cultural/survival arts between the Institute National Superieur des Arts et del’Action Culturelle (Abidjan, RCI) and local Georgia schools.


Rudy Mendez, Mixed Media Outreach Teacher

Rudy is originally from Hartford, Connecticut where he began his artistic journey.  He attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. where he earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in 1996. Afterwards, Mendez worked in the District of Columbia public school system.  Making art which connects to other disciplines is Rudy’s focus.  Each class will develop ideas and concepts that will help enrich the lives of our students.



CabinetsofCuriosityCabinet of Curiosity


As part of our Outreach Program, the museum also offers our ready-to-display Cabinet of Curiosity which contains hands-on African American inventions as well as information about the respective inventors. This cabinet can be rented for $75 a week. 


Please contact Patricia Stephens about the availability.




 Traveling Exhibits

The Museum offers two traveling exhibits which highlight African American contributions to American culture. The exhibits are titled Mate Masie: What I Hear I Keep and From the Minds of African Americans.  With bold graphics and informative panels, these exhibits enhance the learning experience.


Mate Masie: “What I Hear I Keep”

PA130049African American Achievement in Macon & Beyond – This exhibit features 21 portrait photographs with biographies and/or 6 canvas portraits.  Lesson Plans for High School Teachers are available.  The rental fee for the large package is $250.00 for a two week venue.  The small package is $200.00 for a two week venue.

The exhibition is offered to Bibb County Public Elementary and High Schools at a special discount rate of $100 for a two week venue. Exhibitors may book additional time for the exhibition at a cost of $25.00 per week up to four weeks (Full: $300.00/Small: $250.00).


From the Minds of African Americans: African American Inventions

This exhibit celebrates the ingenuity as well as perseverance and creativity of African American inventors.  It consists of eight free-standing modular panels which feature seven inventors.  The exhibit also features a laminated book of 35 patent drawings and the DVD or VHS film “Making It Happen: Masters Invention” which highlights the contributions of several inventors. The cost of renting the exhibit for four weeks is $400.00.




Out to Change the World: The Life and Works of John Oliver Killens

TravelingExhibit03This exhibition celebrates the achievements of Macon-born writer and educator John Oliver Killens, whose success paved the way for generations of African American writers in the second half of the twentieth century.  The exhibit consists of eight free-standing panels that chronicle the life and career of this nationally significant  home-grown artist.  The cost of renting this exhibit for four weeks is $400.




Showing the Way:  National Black Leaders from Macon, 1824 – 1933

TravelingExhibit003225This exhibition chronicles the lives of six African American individuals from Macon, born in the 19th century.  Each overcame many obstacles and hardships to achieve national acclaim, and have lasting positive impact on their communities, their race, and on America as a whole.  The featured leaders are Ellen and WIlliam Craft, Jefferson Franklin Long, Henry McNeal Turner, Lucy Craft Laney and WIlliam Sanders Scarborough.  The exhibition features eight free-standing panels, and includes images of originals works by local artist Wini McQueen.  The cost of renting this exhibit for four weeks is $400.



Exhibit Transportation
Round-trip transportation is the responsibility of the exhibitor, unless otherwise specified by the Tubman Museum.  For exhibitors in Macon, the Tubman Museum will transport, install and uninstall the exhibition for an additional fee of $50.00. The Tubman Museum will not deliver or install the exhibition for exhibitors outside of Macon. For exhibitors outside of Macon, you may pick up the exhibition, or the Tubman Museum can ship the exhibition to you via UPS at the your expense.